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GB Show Plates offers high quality replacement number plates and show plates for your vehicle. Use our number plate maker to create your ideal plate.

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Great service, would use again. The show plates were superb quality.
Posted 1 week ago
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Fantastic service and arrived within only two days, will certainly use you again
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Very nice to deal with and number plates of high standard and quality. Competitively priced!
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Quick and Easy and they're stunning - first class! Have ordered twice from them. Never disappointed, service always spot on!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Overall Rating

Fast shipping, great looking quality plates. Excellent service
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very professional company. Really good quality and super quick delivery.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Amazingly quick delivery. I will certainly use them again! Glad I used this service
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Private number plate looks just how I want and arrived on time.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very easy to order. The number plates were delivered within days
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Arrived quickly and without any problems, exactly what i ordered no hassle
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick delivery and great customer service, prompt on answering queries
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick dispatch and came with all the fixings. Really nice show plates
Posted 2 months ago

Show Plates

GB Show Plates manufacture show plates and number plates for cars and nikes, simply select the plate type in our online reg plate maker and fill in the form to customise your plate anyway you want.

Choose from a wide range of national identifier badges and borders. Our road Show plates are manufactured to the highest standards using premium grade ABS.

Next day delivery is also available.

Why Choose GB Show Plates?

GB Showplates manufacture and ship your reg plates to your exact requirements. Customise your showplates with a range of badges, borders, fonts, and even add your own slogan!

Unlike some manufacturers, we don't use sub standard materials, our showplates are manufactured using the same British Standard compliant ABS that we use for our road legal plates.

We offer two types of plates here at GB Show Plates, Show Plates and Legal number plates, below is a quick guide which explains the differences and will help you select the correct type for your needs.

GB Showplates manufacture premium quality licence plates made at great prices. Our plates fully conform to British Standard BS AU 145d.

To order plates simply select the plate type you would like in our online license plate maker. You have several options to choose from including border, badge, and font options.

Next day delivery is available for a small surcharge.

Designing your showplates is easy, our online plate builder updates the preview of your plates each time you select a new option allowing you to see how your plates will look at each stage of the design process.

What are Show Plates?

Show Plates are used for a variety of things. There great when you really want to make your car or bike look really slick. Some examples include using them at show rooms, second hand car lots, racing events, car and bike show events, for decorative reasons (hang on your wall?), fun gifts, off road events, car competitions.

Our Plate Materials

Front plates are white and rear plates are yellow. Any vehichle built after 1973 must display the reg plates on retro reflective material. The physical materials must comply with British standards (BS AU 14d) regarding the strength, visibility and reflectivity. GB Show Plates use premium retro-reflective materials and are fully compliant with British standards.

Show Plate Markings

UK Number Plates must bear the BS mark and also the suppliers name and post code. GB Show Plates legal style number plates has the BS mark and also state our name and post code as the slogan. For our show plates style plates the slogan is entirely up to you and do not have a BS mark.

Show Plates Size

There is no legal stipulation for dimensions a UK number plate must comply with. The standard car size plate is 520 mm × 111 mm for front plates, the rear can be the same size or standard 4x4 is 285 mm × 203 mm (11"x8") or 533 mm × 152 mm (21"x6"). For motorbike number plates the standard size is 9"x7" and only a rear plate is required. However many sizes are on offer here at GB Show Plates, select the size plate that suits your vehicle using our number plate maker by first selecting the vehicle type, then the front or rear size.

Fonts, Badges & Borders

The standard font for UK number plates is Charles Wright. You can select this font or variations of this font including Hi-Line and 3D using our number plate maker. Please note that 3D does not mean physically embossed lettering. There are other font styles offered by GB Showplates which are only for show plates and not intended for the road.

Legally allowed badges are Union Jack, St George, Welsh Dragon, Saltire. The text below the badge can be ENG, GB, UK, SCO, WALES, CYM.

Borders are allowed on legal plates, GB Showplates offers several colour options for borders.