The 10 Ugliest Cars to Hit the Streets

We all have our favourite styles and designs when it comes to taste in cars but let’s face it, there are some cars that just don’t float anyone’s boat and we’re left baffled as to why they were ever put on the market. Here’s our top 10 ugliest cars ever designed:10) PT Cruiser 9) BMW X6 8)  Ssangyong [...]

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Personalised number plates sell for over £500,000 – most expensive ever sold in the UK

On 28 November 2014, Ferrari trader John Collins paid £518,480 for personalised number plate ’25 O’ at the DVLA auction in Cardiff. The ’25 O’ plate is perfect for some of the most highly valued classic cars around and therefore it was no surprise to see businessmen, enthusiasts and collectors battle it out at auction. [...]

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South Wales Police officer bought new number plates to cheat way out of speeding ticket

Sergeant Anthony Rees-Thompson, 40, could be looking at a jail sentence after being accused of fitting new number plates to avoid a speeding fine and three points on his licence. Rees-Thompson denies the allegation that he was caught by a speed camera whilst driving his stepfather’s car at 35mph in a 30mph zone in Swansea. [...]

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Shameless leader of £1.5M car theft gang caught after driving car with ‘S2OLUN’ number plate

Cocky Birmingham car thief, Shanwaz Khan, grabbed the attention of police officers in March 2012 as he passed by in his Audi RS4 bearing the personalised number plate ‘S20LUN’ (i.e. ‘STOLEN’). The vehicle was in convoy with a stolen Mercedes at the time.The six month police investigation that ensued revealed that the 30 year old [...]

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The New Car Tax Rules Infographic

You may well be aware that some important changes to vehicle taxing came into force in the UK from the start of October 2014. However, our recent survey on 102 car owners, revealed that over 50% of UK car owners in London were unaware of one of the most prominent changes in vehicle taxing. There is [...]

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11 Famous Number Plates

Some of the most iconic plates to go with their owner, private plates aren’t just for boy racers, they can be for anyone from celebrities to sports personalities. A 1 number plate has to be the most significant number in circulation even more so than the £7m “1” number plate, this doesn’t even have a [...]

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Custom Number Plates

Fitting a new set of custom number plates to your car can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of your vehicle. It's true that if you want use your new plates on the road, then the options available to you are somewhat limited, but that said, even small touches like adding a coloured [...]

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What are trunk roads? Passive Target Flow Measurement

Trunk roads use a different technology to cater for the different traffic patterns experienced on such roads. Traffic turns off at junctions and may stop in lay-bys, at shopping centres etc, so simple speed measurement would not generate quality data. Passive Target Flow Measurement (PTFM) uses number plate recognition technology to ''grab'' the four centre [...]

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