Custom Number Plates

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Custom Number Plates

Look no further than GB Show Plates when you need custom number plates of the highest standard. At GB Show Plates, we have many years of experience to draw upon when it comes to making and supplying bespoke registration plates, and we are only happy when you are totally satisfied with the work that we have carried out for you. It’s easy to use our online plate maker to customise your plates, and what’s more is that we charge some of the most competitive prices on the market.


Same-day dispatch

We offer same-day dispatch as long as you order your plates before 3pm on a weekday and are able to supply plates for cars and bikes. What’s also great about using our service is that you don’t need to send us any documentation to get your new custom number plates ordered. The main reasons motorists need number plates is because it is essential that the authorities can track their vehicles. Number plates are particularly important when accidents and motoring offences occur. Your registration number and plates can be thought of as the passport for your vehicle, link you and the vehicle to a centralised database. You could face a fine up of to £1,000 and an MOT failure if your road plates aren’t in great condition, which means you should always replace them when they become broken or damaged.

High-quality custom plates

You can rest assured that you’re buying high-quality plates that are built to last when you buy from us. We make our plates from premium grade ABS, using specialist techniques to provide a stunning finish. A wide range of delivery options and are available, and you can contact us through e-mail at any point if you do have any questions about the registration plates and how to order them.

A greater level of freedom

When you design and order road-legal number plates, you need to adhere to DVLA rules, which means you complying on restrictions around spacing, fonts, borders, text, colours and flags. We can also help you when you need road-legal plates. Select the plate type ‘Legal Style’ when designing your plates to only see the road-legal options. If you do wish to buy road-legal plates featuring a private registration number, simply obtain your number from the DVLA and order your plates once you have been granted the right to use it.

Manufactured to British Standards

The plates manufactured by Show Plates Direct are made to British Standards. We highly recommend that you order our special fitting kit when you purchase our plates as this will make it easy to affix your plate to your vehicle or wall. The kit consists of items like bolts, screws and stick-on pads. The reason our plates don’t come with pre-drilled holes is that the holes on vehicles are rarely in the same place. Furthermore, it is wise to use the stick-on pads rather than drilling holes in your plates to avoid damaging them.

Save up to 50% on registration plates

We are an automated service that uses e-mail to cater to our staff, the reason being that the margin for error is reduced considerably when you order and communicate with us via the internet. You can save as much as 50% on what you can expect to pay on the high street when you buy from GB Show Plates. We are confident we can provide the first-class custom number plates that you are searching for, at a price you can afford.