Landing a Sexy or Saucy Number Plate

Carwow recently ran a poll which revealed that a rude or saucy number plate actually featured quite highly on people’s wish lists the Mirror explains.  The DVLA are supposed to censor number plates which inadvertently contain random letters and numbers which could be construed to make a rude word, more specifically, a sex act, swear [...]

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How To Successfully Sell Your Car

Tips on how to sell your car Working out the best way to sell your car can be complicated as there are so many different ways to do it.  For most people, the two key influencers are price – where can they obtain the most money for the vehicle – and speed. Selling privately This [...]

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UK Car Manufacturing Sees a Tenth Consecutive Month of Decline

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the number of cars produced in the UK fell 14.4 percent year on year in March. A total of 126,195 cars rolled out of UK’s production lines in March 2019, a significant drop from 147,505 in March 2018. This drop in production also signifies a [...]

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Number Plate Cloning On The Rise

A BBC investigation late last year found that some DVLA registered companies could be selling license plates to unsuspecting drivers without conducting the necessary checks. In some cases this has led to some drivers finding themselves on the wrong side of the law when their number plate is associated with a crime. One such company [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Forget Car Care

Your car is probably very important to you, especially because it cost you quite a bit to acquire. But like with everything else, once you get used to the new car smell, you can start to take it for granted. This is the primary reason why most people will increasingly postpone the maintenance of their [...]

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Personalising Your Car With Number Plates 101

Buying a new car is a whole process in itself, one that you no doubt have to think about and plan for consistently. It is also exciting and a time you want to mark and commemorate, at least for as long as the new car has that new-car smell. When basking in all the goodness [...]

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How to Make the Most of Your NCB

Car insurance can be a significant expense, with British motorists paying an average of £760 per year to their auto insurers. But convince that insurer you’re a safe driver—and that it never hails in your neighbourhood—and you can rack up a no-claims bonus that pares down your monthly premiums. No-claims bonuses (NCBs) are a great [...]

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Most Expensive Number Plates In The World 2018

What Are The Most Expensive Number Plates in the World? From thousands to hundreds of thousands, we list the most expensive number plates ever in our handy infographic. If you'd like to use our infographic on your site, we've got some handy embed code right at the bottom - you're welcome! Enjoy :)

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The 10 Ugliest Cars to Hit the Streets

We all have our favourite styles and designs when it comes to taste in cars but let’s face it, there are some cars that just don’t float anyone’s boat and we’re left baffled as to why they were ever put on the market. Here’s our top 10 ugliest cars ever designed: 10) PT Cruiser   [...]

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Personalised number plates sell for over £500,000 – most expensive ever sold in the UK

On 28 November 2014, Ferrari trader John Collins paid £518,480 for personalised number plate ’25 O’ at the DVLA auction in Cardiff. The ’25 O’ plate is perfect for some of the most highly valued classic cars around and therefore it was no surprise to see businessmen, enthusiasts and collectors battle it out at auction. [...]

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