Shameless leader of £1.5M car theft gang caught after driving car with ‘S2OLUN’ number plate

Cocky Birmingham car thief, Shanwaz Khan, grabbed the attention of police officers in March 2012 as he passed by in his Audi RS4 bearing the personalised number plate ‘S20LUN’ (i.e. ‘STOLEN’). The vehicle was in convoy with a stolen Mercedes at the time.The six month police investigation that ensued revealed that the 30 year old [...]

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Top 10 Cars Scrapped –

The Ford Fiesta has faced the crusher more than any other car in the UK over the last 18 months, according to exclusive figures released by nationwide vehicle removal specialist Remove My Car.The highly popular model tops the list after being scrapped a whopping 1,691 times over the last year and a half, ahead of [...]

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The New Car Tax Rules Infographic

You may well be aware that some important changes to vehicle taxing came into force in the UK from the start of October 2014. However, our recent survey on 102 car owners, revealed that over 50% of UK car owners in London were unaware of one of the most prominent changes in vehicle taxing. There is [...]

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11 Famous Number Plates

Some of the most iconic plates to go with their owner, private plates aren’t just for boy racers, they can be for anyone from celebrities to sports personalities. A 1 number plate has to be the most significant number in circulation even more so than the £7m “1” number plate, this doesn’t even have a [...]

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Four Automotive Technologies That Could Revolutionize The Future Of Motoring

The automotive industry has always embraced new technology. GPS, anti lock breaks, and fuel efficient hybrid engines are all commonplace nowadays, but what does the future hold for automotive design? The Search For Cleaner Fuels Whilst hybrid cars do produce far less emissions that their petrol or diesel counterparts, the fact that they depend on [...]

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Why Our Showplates Are Superior To Other Cheap Number Plates

These days the internet is the go to place for motorists looking to get a great deal on a range of car parts and modifications, often components can be bought far cheaper online that they can from a physical store, largely due to the fact that most internet based retailers have far lower overheads than [...]

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Ten Of The Uk’s Best Roads For Driving Pleasure

If you really enjoy the pleasures of driving, there are plenty of impressive roads in the United Kingdom that are waiting to offer you unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Some of these roads include: 1. Horncastle to Louth This road connects the market towns of Louth and Horncastle in the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of [...]

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How The New Number Plates System Works

The new number plates system, which has been used in Great Britain since September 2001, is made up of two letters, followed by two numbers which are followed by three letters. The seven digit format is further broken down into area code, followed by age identifier followed by three random letters that make the number [...]

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How to Repair Kerbed Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels look great, but are easily scuffed, spoiling their finish. If you're in this position, you could buy new alloys, but there is a very good chance you will damage them sooner or later. A much better option is to restore them, and here's how. Remove the Tyres It's best do all four wheels [...]

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Do Something A Little Different This Valentines Day – Get Her A Romantic Number Plate

Lets be honest, a number plate is not one of the first ideas that pops to mind when considering what to buy the love of your life for valentines day. But all that is set to change as the DVLA seek to cash in on the event by releasing a collection of romantic registrations. If, [...]

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