On 28 November 2014, Ferrari trader John Collins paid £518,480 for personalised number plate ’25 O’ at the DVLA auction in Cardiff. The ’25 O’ plate is perfect for some of the most highly valued classic cars around and therefore it was no surprise to see businessmen, enthusiasts and collectors battle it out at auction. Bidding began at £50,000 and it wasn’t long before bids were exceeding £250,000 and then £300,000. Finally the hammer was hit down at £400,000. With the addition of VAT and buyer’s premium, the total cost for the sought after plate was a staggering £518,480.

The same buyer, John Collins, also bought the ‘250 L’ plate for £130,000. This was no doubt purchased with his 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso in mind, which he is currently selling for £2.25 million.

The DVLA holds several auctions around the UK every year and in the past 25 years that it has been doing so, the Treasury has benefited from over £2 billion from selling private registrations alone!

Here are the 5 number plates that brought in the highest amounts at DVLA auctions to date:

  1. ’25 O’ Sold for £518,000 in November 2014
  2. ‘1D’ Sold for £352,000 in March 2009
  3. ’51 NGH’ Sold for £254,000 in April 2006
  4. ‘1 RH’ Sold for ‘247,000 in November 2008
  5. ‘K1 NGS’ Sold for £185,000 in December 1993

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