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Great service, would use again. The show plates were superb quality.
Posted 1 week ago
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Fantastic service and arrived within only two days, will certainly use you again
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Very nice to deal with and number plates of high standard and quality. Competitively priced!
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Quick and Easy and they're stunning - first class! Have ordered twice from them. Never disappointed, service always spot on!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Overall Rating

Fast shipping, great looking quality plates. Excellent service
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very professional company. Really good quality and super quick delivery.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Amazingly quick delivery. I will certainly use them again! Glad I used this service
Posted 1 month ago
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Private number plate looks just how I want and arrived on time.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very easy to order. The number plates were delivered within days
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Arrived quickly and without any problems, exactly what i ordered no hassle
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick delivery and great customer service, prompt on answering queries
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick dispatch and came with all the fixings. Really nice show plates
Posted 2 months ago

Number plates

Choose GB Show Plates today if you require road-legal number plates for day-to-day motoring purposes. At GB Show Plates, we have been in the business for many years and are one of the market’s most renowned suppliers of number plates. Our number plates are designed and built to last for many years before they need to be replaced, and more and more people are recommending us to their friends, family members and business associates all the time.

Save up to 50% on number plates

When you buy road-legal number plates from us, you can save as much as 50% on what you’ll be charged by our high street competitors. Our relative lack of overheads enables us to deliver such great value to you without ever forcing you to make compromises on quality. To find out more about what makes GB Show Plates the best source for number plates around, read on.

Same-day dispatch

We can help you when you need quick access to high-quality road-legal number plates. As long as you place your order by 3pm on a weekday, we can send your plates out to your address on the same day. We value our customers deeply and always do everything in our power to meet and even beat your expectations. You can drop us an e-mail at any point if you do have any queries about the services we provide.

A range of delivery options

As our customers’ needs and preferences can vary considerably, we offer a number of delivery options when you buy number plates from GB Show Plates. We serve customers across the UK and beyond, and growing numbers of overseas customers are choosing us over the competition. The plates we supply to you are built from premium grade ABS and are noted for their stunning finish. You can expect your plates to stand up to everything the climate can throw at them.

A simpler ordering process

Our online plate maker takes the fuss and stress out of designing bespoke number plates. You can customise your number plates in a host of ways, choosing from various flags, text options, variations on the Charles Wright font and borders. We will get started on making your plates as soon as you have finished designing them and confirm that you want to go ahead. The online maker is designed to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

How do I make my number plates road-legal?

We specialise in producing DVLA-compliant number plates for our customers. To leave only the road-legal options when designing your plate, just select ‘road-legal style’. The maker will then arrange the number in a legal format and add a BS number. It will also add our company name, as this is a legal requirement.

Can backgrounds be added to road-legal plates?

The DVLA do not permit you to add a background to your plate. This is for visibility purposes. Backgrounds, patterns, images and shapes can drastically reduce visibility and make it harder for your car to be identified. However, this does not mean road-legal number plates cannot be personalised. In the UK, front plates are white and rear ones yellow. Drivers of cars made before 1973 can add black number plates with silver and white characters, though we do not manufacture these.

Which fonts are permitted by the DVLA?

When you design a number plate for day-to-day motoring, you need to opt for the Charles Wright font. However, there are several variations of this available. The Charles Wright font comes in these variations: Standard, 3D, 3D Carbon and 3D Highline. We do not offer the illegal gel type raised text. This is of very poor quality and can wear away very quickly.

What about borders, flags and text?

You can personalise our number plates with various borders, badges, text and flags. You can add the Union Jack, Saint George, Welsh Dragon, Saint Andrew or Saltire flags, which need to appear above the relevant text. Your text options are ENG, SCO, WALES, GB, UK and CYM.

Do you make plates for specific manufacturers?

We are able to supply plates for all vehicles and frequently make them for Jaguar, Ford, Land Rover and BMW models. We are a leading source for number plates amongst car enthusiasts, and our plates are regularly seen at big motoring events.

How should I fit the number plates?

We do not pre-drill holes into plates before we send them to you. We instead give you the option to drill or stick your plates to your vehicles yourself. We highly recommend that you opt for one of our fitting kits when you place your order. You will be offered this when you have finished designing your plates and confirm you want to go ahead. Your kit will come with a range of useful items including our super-strong sticky pads, bolts and screws.

Can I purchase a private registration number from GB Show Plates?

No. Private registration numbers are only available from the DVLA in the UK, or the DVA if you are in Northern Ireland. However, we can make your plates for you once you have paid for and been given the right to use your private number on the roads.

When do the registration numbers change over?

Over the years, the number system and format have changed considerably. Changes now take place twice a year and have done since the early 2000s. The year is split into two periods: March to August and September to February. Currently, plates feature two letters, 2 year ID numbers and another three letters – unless you have bought a private registration number of course.

Number plate facts

Number plates have been seen on the roads of the UK since the early 1900s. They were first introduced to ensure each car on the road could be tracked and traced. Your registration number links your car back to you. Numbers feature in a huge database which includes information such as makes and models, colours and the name and addresses of vehicle owners. They also play a big role in holding people to account over motoring offences and can be used as vital evidence when accidents are investigated. Without registration numbers, the roads of Britain would be incredibly chaotic. To understand the reasons for number plates, think of them as passports for vehicles.

Who oversees the number plate system?

Number plates are administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) in most parts of the UK, whilst the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) is the Northern Irish authority. Once the Motor Car Act 1903 came into force, details of all vehicles driven on public roads were entered into an official vehicle register.

Should I send documentation when ordering my number plates?

There is no need to send us any documentation when buying plates from us. This means you don’t need to forward valuable paperwork like your V5C documents to get your plates manufactured and sent out to you. This saves you a great deal of stress, time and worry.

What kind of feedback does GB Show Plates receive from its customers?

We are frequently left positive feedback from our customers, and every comment and rating you’ll see on our site is 100% genuine. We are regularly praised for the high quality of our number plates, our safe and secure packaging, the wide range of delivery methods, quick turnarounds and despatch times and simple but effective online plate maker. A great deal of our custom comes from recommendations.

Can GB Show Plates help me save money?

Our low overheads and lack of physical shop mean the costs of running GB Show Plates aren’t as high as other number plate suppliers’. In fact, we can help you save as much as 50% on what you might pay for road-legal number plates on the high street. We have a proven track record when it comes to taking on the biggest brands, and you don’t even need to walk out of your front door to design your number plates and access them the next day. Our customers also love the way they don’t need to gather together heaps of car-related paperwork to complete their order.

Am I permitted to add borders to number plates?

Yes, it is possible to add borders to road-legal number plates without breaking the law. There are several options available to you in terms of thickness and colour. Some customers opt to go borderless. Again, you won’t get into trouble for doing this.

What does the number plate fitting kit consist of?

Your fitting kit includes 4 coated self-tapping screws, 2 yellow screw caps,  2 white screw caps, 6 double-sided sticky pads and 2 black screw caps. By ordering this kit, you can avoid facing significant stress and confusion later on. The number plate holes on vehicles can vary wildly in terms of location, so it’s best for us and you if we avoid drilling holes into your plates before we send them out to you. A significant number of customers prefer to stick the plates to their vehicles with our super-strong pads. One reason for this is that drilling holes into your plates can be risky if you lack the skills and experience needed.

Do I have to buy front and rear plates?

No. You can simply opt for a back or front plate if you like. This is a good option if you are replacing one plate but the other is still in good condition.

Do you supply plates for motorcycles?

Yes, we have been manufacturing number plates for motorbikes for many years. We can also offer out-sized plates for all sorts of vehicles.

Is there a limit to how many plates I can order at once?

At present, you can order either 9 or 18 plates of the same design. We can help you if you wish to purchase multiple different designs at the same time. If this is the case, contact us through e-mail so we can apply a discount on postage.

Can number plate orders be placed over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a telephone service. Not only does this keep our overheads and therefore our prices low, it virtually removes the margin for error. It’s much easier to ensure the end results match your initial idea when you design your plate with the maker rather than explain what you

require over the telephone. In our experience, errors are far more likely when orders are placed over the telephone, and our online plate maker allows you to work at your own pace, experimenting with a wealth of design options before you reach a decision. With the online plate maker, you can see exactly what your number plate will look like when it has been manufactured. Please make sure you are completely happy with your design before you go ahead and confirm it as we won’t be able to change it – we start the manufacturing process right away once it is confirmed.

Can I buy your number plates from outside the UK?

We have an international customer base, with motorists ordering number plates from thousands of miles away due to the quality we are known for. Affordable international delivery is available.

Is Recorded Delivery available?

We offer Recorded Delivery services to deliver the peace of mind you require, with Standard Tracked and Next Day Tracked also being available.

How can I contact GB Show Plates?

We offer full e-mail support, responding to your queries as soon as we possibly can and going the extra mile to ensure you are happy with your purchase. You can reach us right now by simply sending a message to Why wait any longer to get started if you do require number plates of the highest quality for some of the most reasonable and competitive prices on the market? We are confident we can provide the excellence that you expect and deserve, so don’t wait any longer to design and order your plates. Buy your premium grade ABS number plates today.