Personalised Number Plates

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Personalised Number Plates

Are you looking for personalised number plates of the highest quality? If so, you’re in the right place. At GB Show Plates, we have vast experience when it comes to manufacturing bespoke number plates for a wide range of customers, including motorists in and out of the UK. We are only happy when you are totally satisfied with the service that you have received from us, so why not read on to find out more about number plates and what makes us the best choice when you need to order yours?

Make a powerful statement

People opt for personalised number plates for many reasons. Personalised number plates normally have special numbers on them that their owners have purchased from the DVLA, and these numbers often carry significant meanings. Some opt for words and phrases that mean a great deal to them, whilst others choose to have their names or nicknames to the plates. It’s common for business owners to opt for company names too, increasing exposure for their enterprises.

How do I get a personalised number?

You can acquire a personalised number by purchasing one from the DVLA. Personalised number plates can grow in value over time, are more affordable than you might think, can keep the age of your car a secret and make remembering your registration number so much easier. What’s more is that they also make a great gift for loved ones including friends, business associates, partners, spouses and other family members.

Long-lasting personalised plates

We can manufacture your private number plate for you as soon as you have permission to use the number you have opted for. Our personalised number plates are built to last for many years before they need to be replaced and are manufactured from tough premium grade ABS. The acrylic used to produce our plates is shatter, crack and weather-resistant. All the comments, reviews and ratings you see on our website are 100% genuine, and we are frequently complimented for our excellent customer service, low prices, easy-to-use online plate maker and quick despatch times. Don’t hesitate to get in touch through e-mail at any point if you do have any queries or need any help with ordering your personalised number plates.

Do I have to buy front and rear plates?

There is no need to buy multiple plates from us when you only need one. Many customers come to us when one of their plates has become damaged but the other is still in good condition. We pack your plates safely and securely using packaging of the highest quality, and we apply a stunning finish to your plates at the end of the manufacturing process.

Complying with DVLA regulations

Road-legal plates must comply with DVLA regulations. Our online plate maker is designed to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law when creating your plates. You can remove all the non-road legal option with a click of your mouse when designing road-legal personalised number plates. The maker will ensure your plates are completely compliant with the law. You have a number of customisation options available to you when designing your personalised number plates and can choose from several variations on the Charles Wright font, borders, text and flags. The online plate maker adds a British Standards number alongside the name of our company. We are legally obliged to add this to your plate.

What can’t I add to a personalised plate?

There are certain things you cannot add to your personalised number plate if it is to be road-legal and compliant with DVLA regulations. You cannot add backgrounds to your plate as this could obscure your number. Examples of backgrounds can be patterns, shapes and images. It is vital that your registration number is clearly visible if it is to be fit for the road and you are to avoid a penalty of up to £1,000. Your vehicle could also fail its MOT if your plates are damaged or broken, or if your number does not reach the required standard of visibility. If your existing personalised number plates are no longer in great condition following damage, wear or tear, we can provide a solution.

What are the rules for pre and post-1973 vehicles?

It is possible to add black number plates to vehicles made before January 1973, though we do not supply these. If your car was made in the past four decades or so, you must opt for a white plate at the front and a yellow one at the rear.

Which fonts are permitted for personalised number plates?

The Charles Wright font is the legally-permitted font for cars in the UK. There are four different variations of this available. You are permitted to add badges with text and flags to the left side of your plate. The flag must appear above the text. You can add the following flags to your number plate: Union Jack, Saint George, Welsh Dragon, Saint Andrew or Saltire. These forms of text can be added to the badge: ENG, SCO, WALES, GB, UK and CYM

Will my plate be pre-drilled?

We do not pre-drill number plates for many reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that the location of holes for number plates can vary wildly. A substantial number of our customers opt to stick their plates to their vehicles instead of drilling them. The sticky pads that come as part of our fitting kits are super-strong and dependable. We highly recommend that you opt for the fitting kit when finalising your order. We will offer you this once you have confirmed your design. The fitting kit comes with a range of useful items for fitting your plate to your vehicle, and these include sticky pads, screws and bolts.

The world’s most expensive personalised plates

Personalised number plates have changed hands for unbelievably huge sums of money over the years. Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, a member of an incredibly affluent Abu Dhabi family paid £7.25 million for the world’s most expensive plate, which simply featured the number ‘1’.

The ‘VIP 1’ plate was created to mark the visit of Pope Jean Paul II to Ireland in 1979 and was acquired by oligarch and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich 27 years later. Mr Abramovich paid some £285,000 for the plate. The DVLA has made over £1.8 billion from selling personalised registration numbers since 1989. The first celebrity to buy a private plate was the music hall performer Harry Tate. The plate, which read ‘T 8’ was later snapped up by Johnny Tate, of sugar giant Tate & Lyle.

Why were number plates first introduced?

Number plates were introduced to enhance public safety and ensure both vehicles and their owners could be tracked in the aftermath of motoring offences and accidents. Registrations link vehicles and those that drive them to a central database including details including makes and models, colours, engine sizes, names and addresses. Enforcement agencies like the DVLA and the police place a great deal of reliance on number plates and registration numbers. If vehicles didn’t have registration numbers, it’s safe to say the roads of Britain would be chaotic, with a considerable number of criminals evading justice and the causes of many accidents going unidentified.

A unique passport for your vehicle

To understand why registration numbers are required, it’s helpful to see them as passports for vehicles. The Motor Car Act 1903 ensure all vehicles can be traced to an official register. The vast majority of the vehicles driven in the UK have rectangular plates. However, some vehicles including motorcycles and more. The task of overseeing the number plate in the majority of the UK lies with the DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. Northern Irish registration numbers are assigned by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Made to British Standards

We manufacture our number plates to BS standards. All the plates we produce are made with premium-grade ABS. There is no need to send us your V5C documentation when ordering your plates, which is just one of the several reasons so many motorists choose us. This means you don’t need to spend time retrieving paperwork from your cupboards, drawers and folders and ensures you don’t have to worry about your documentation being lost in the post. During no part of the process will we require this paperwork. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to design, order and acquire your personalised number plate. You can save as much as 50% number plates compared to what you would pay on the High Street, and you can rest assured that our plates are manufactured to the highest standards regardless of the saving you make.

100% compliance

You can rest assured that our plates are wholly compliant with the regulations of the DVLA. Your plate will feature a small BS number in the bottom right corner that confirms it has been manufactured to British Standards and will also include the details of our company. This is a legal requirement. The plate or plates will also include the correct character spacing and be fully reflective.

Customising your personalised number plate

To personalise your plate further whilst keeping it road-legal, you can choose from a range of border thicknesses and colours or even go borderless. You can use these variations on the Charles Wright font: Standard, 3D, 3D Carbon and 3D Highline. However, we do not offer the illegal, poor-quality gel type raised text. Not only is this option not permitted by the DVLA, but it can also come apart extremely quickly and is best avoided in our experience.

Why use sticky pads?

A substantial number of our customers opt to fix their plates to their cars with sticky pads. When you do this, you don’t need to drill into your plate and risk damaging it. The pads are ultra-sticky and can be counted on to keep your plate in position. We do not drill holes into your plate beforehand, as the location of plate holes can vary wildly from car-to-car. However, you can drill your plates to your vehicle if you like. When you have completed your design, we will offer you a fitting kit. You are under no obligation to accept this but it can be incredibly convenient. The fitting kit comes complete not only with the sticking pads but screws and bolts too.

Buying a personalised registration number

Some drivers are under the impression that they can buy personalised registration numbers from plate suppliers. Although this is not true, we can add your private number to a plate for you once you have acquired one. If you are interested in buying a private number, head to this website:

Once you have the right to use the number, you can design your plate and we will get the manufacturing process underway immediately.

A reliable automated service

Running a largely-automated service enables us to keep our overheads down and our prices low as a result. We communicate with our customers via e-mail, which has proved to be by far the most effective way of avoiding errors and ensuring we get it right first time. When you design your plates with the online plate maker rather than describing what you want your plates to look like over the phone, you can reduce the margin for error considerably. Furthermore, it’s much better for you if you can see the customisation options with your own eyes rather than just hear about them.

Multiple orders and delivery

At the present moment, you can buy 9/18 copies of the same design from us. If you need to buy a number of different designs, order them individually then get in touch right away so we can arrange the postage discount. We dispatch plates via Recorded Delivery by default, though Standard Tracked and Next Day Delivery are also available to you.