Replacement number plates

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Replacement number plates


GB Show Plates is a market-leading source for replacement number plates of the highest quality. At GB Show Plates, we create road-legal replacement plates for a wide range of customers and can come to your assistance today if you do require legal replacements for damaged, worn or broken plates.


Why buy replacement number plates?


Our customers buy replacement plates from us for all kinds of reasons. Whether you have been in an accident and have been left with damaged plates, your plates are no longer readable or have been impacted by bad weather, we can help you get a legal solution in place. If you continue to use your car without road-legal plates, you can face a fixed penalty fine of up to £1000 and could also see your vehicle fail its MOT. The penalties for using unreadable number plates can be severe, so it’s best to take action right away if your plates have seen better days.


Long-lasting plates


The plates that we produce are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to last for a long period of time before they need to be replaced. We can deliver your plates right to your door and are able to offer a host of delivery options. More and more motorists are choosing us over the competition all the time when they require road-legal plates, and we are always on hand to come to your assistance whenever you have a query about our products. We can provide you with all the information and advice you need to ensure your plates are fit for the road. There are still many things you can do to personalise replacement number plates including choosing from variations on the Charles Wright font, selecting borders, adding flags and text.


Tough, durable materials


Our plates are produced from premium grade ABS, with our team using high-end production techniques to provide the quality you are looking for and deserve. When you design your road-legal replacement number plates online, you can simply select the plate type ‘legal style’ to ensure your plates are fit for day-to-day motoring. By selecting this option you can ensure only the legal options visible to you. The online design facility arranges your registration number in a legal format, adding a BS number as well as our company name – this is a legal requirement.


Complying with the law


You will need to buy white replacement plates for the front of your vehicle and yellow plates for the rear. The font you will need to opt for is the Charles Wright font, although there are various variations available. You can personalise the plates by adding borders, badges with text and flags. Flags must appear above the text and badges on the left side. Flags that you are permitted to add to your plates include the Union Jack, Welsh Dragon, Saint Andrew or Saltire and Saint George. It’s legal to add these forms of text to road-legal plates: ENG, SCO, WALES, GB, UK and CYM.


Can I fit the plates myself


We can also provide fitting kits as part of your order. These kits include stick-on pads, number plate bolts and screws, making the fitting process simple and quick. We cannot supply a private registration number to you, but we can print your plate once you have obtained one from the DVLA.