Show plate maker

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Show plate maker

Our show plate maker allows you to tailor your plates towards your specific requirements and really make a statement. The maker is incredibly easy to use and offers you a wide range of choices when it comes to fonts, spacing, colours, badges and more. To get started with the show plate maker, just select the plate type and complete the form so you can customise it any way you like.

The highest standards

Unlike some manufacturers, we produce our show plates to the highest standards. Some companies use inferior materials for their off-road show plates, but we are not one of them. Our road-legal plates  manufactured to the highest standards with premium grade ABS, and we add a stunning finish. We can also offer next-day delivery when you order before 3pm on a weekday.

The purposes of show plates

There are many great reasons for buying show plates. When you purchase show plates, you are not restricted by DVLA regulations as you won’t be using them on the road. This means you can really let your imagination run wild and create something incredibly personal and distinctive. You can even add your own slogan to your plates if you wish. When you use the online show plate maker, the preview on your screen is updated each time you select a new option. This gives you a valuable insight into what your plates will look like in reality.

Where are show plates displayed?

Show plates are often seen on classic cars, at trade shows and exhibitions, at weddings, in homes, at car sales showrooms and in offices. They are often used for decorative purposes and can be used in competitions and much more.

A constantly-improving service

We are passionate about maintaining the quality of our service and remaining at the forefront of the number plates market. We continually invest in staff training, manufacturing equipment and customer service and are only happy when you are completely content with the products that we have supplied to you.

Show plates that last

You don’t need to worry about your show plates shattering, cracking or fading easily when you purchase your show plates from us. The high impact acrylic we use to produce road-legal and show plates is scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant and water-resistant. What’s more is that our plates are UV protected, which means they won’t fade with the passage of time.

Removing the margin for error

We offer an online plate maker so you can get the appearance of your plates just right. The plate maker allows you to take your time so you can play around with the various options available to you until you land upon something you are truly happy with. Once you confirm your order, our technicians will get to work right away using our state-of-the-art equipment. We accept a wide range of modern and traditional payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and PayPal. All transactions are fully encrypted.

Fitting your plates

Your show plates do not come with pre-drilled holes. This means it’s entirely up to you how you fit them. The location of holes for number plates can vary considerably from vehicle-to-vehicle, and many of our customers prefer to use sticky pads rather than to drill through their plates. This is why we offer a handy fitting kit consisting of pads, bolts and screws so you can fix them in your preferred manner.