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Great service, would use again. The show plates were superb quality.
Posted 1 week ago
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Fantastic service and arrived within only two days, will certainly use you again
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Very nice to deal with and number plates of high standard and quality. Competitively priced!
Posted 2 weeks ago
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Quick and Easy and they're stunning - first class! Have ordered twice from them. Never disappointed, service always spot on!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Overall Rating

Fast shipping, great looking quality plates. Excellent service
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very professional company. Really good quality and super quick delivery.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Amazingly quick delivery. I will certainly use them again! Glad I used this service
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Private number plate looks just how I want and arrived on time.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Very easy to order. The number plates were delivered within days
Posted 1 month ago
Overall Rating

Arrived quickly and without any problems, exactly what i ordered no hassle
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick delivery and great customer service, prompt on answering queries
Posted 2 months ago
Overall Rating

Quick dispatch and came with all the fixings. Really nice show plates
Posted 2 months ago

Show plates

Look no further than GB Show Plates when you need show plates from a company that you can trust. At GB Show Plates, we offer show plates of the highest quality, made from tough premium grade ABS, unlike some companies who use inferior materials. Our online number plate maker makes designing your plates a simple process, with the preview screen being updated in real-time each time you make a change.

A host of options

There are all sorts of options available to you when you design and order show plates on our site. You can choose from a plethora of fonts, plates, sizes, borders, badges and colours, even opting for your own slogan if you wish. We also offer a range of national identifier badges. If you’re looking for a company who can manufacture your show plates to your specific and exact requirements, we are here for you. The ABS material that we use is British Standard compliant, which means your plates can last for many years before you even need to think about replacing them.

Next-day delivery available

We are renowned for our swift despatch times and can even offer next-day delivery for a small surcharge. Plenty of our customers buy from overseas, and our reputation with international buyers is growing remarkably. Whatever design you want to bring to life, we are confident we can cater for you.

The purposes of show plates maker

People buy show plates for a variety of reasons. Show plates are often seen at trade shows and exhibitions, sometimes added to classic cars that are now kept off the road. They can boost the appearance of your off-road vehicle remarkably and are even seen at weddings, in offices and on walls in homes. Another great thing about show plates is that they make an excellent gift, and you can easily tailor them to create something really special for a loved one. Because you don’t need to comply with any regulations when you buy show plates, you have a wealth of fun options available to you and are only really limited by your own imagination.

Competitive prices

We offer some of the best and most competitive prices for show plates in the industry, though this never means our customers have to make compromises when it comes to quality. Our show plates are designed to the same sky-high standards as their road-legal counterparts. This is just one of the reasons why we receive so much glowing feedback from our customers, and all the customers and rating you’ll see on our site are 100% genuine. Many people come to us after seeing the products we have manufactured for their friends and family members. We are constantly complimented for the quality of our products, our low prices, our excellent customer service and swift despatch times. More and more people are returning to us time and time again for further purchases.

Extra flexibility

The show plates that we supply to our customers do not come with holes pre-drilled. There are various reasons for this. One of these reasons is that the holes on vehicles tend to be in different places, which means the plates may not fit if we drill the holes ourselves. Another reason is that many customers prefer to apply their plates with sticky pads to avoid placing holes in them at all. The pads that we provide as part of our fitting kits are incredibly strong and dependable, so you won’t need to worry about our plates falling off once you have affixed them to your vehicle. Nonetheless, we do also supply and screw option with the fitting kit, giving you all the flexibility you need. We strongly recommend that you opt for this when you place your order to avoid unnecessary problems and save time.

The kitting fit specifically includes:

• 6 double-sided sticky pads
• 2 black screw caps
• 2 yellow screw caps
• 4 coated self-tapping screws
• 2 white screw caps

The kit will become available to you once you have designed your plates and added them to your basket.

Postage and other design options

We are able to offer a number of postage services to suit your requirements. These include Standard Tracked, Next Day Tracked and International Postage through Royal Mail. There are all kinds of flags and country names available for your plates. There are also various border colours available to you include black, orange, light grey, pink, grey, green, blue, red, purple and orange. There are various thickness options to choose from. We are passionate about helping you obtain the perfect show plates for your specific requirements.

Always moving forward

We place a great deal of value on your custom and are eager to remain at the forefront of the show plates market. We constantly invest in new systems, staff training, customer service and manufacturing facilities to remain one of the British Isle’s most-trusted show plate suppliers. One of the reasons we are such a popular choice for show plates is that we do not manufacture them with poor quality plastic materials or cheap imported components. Our plates are made from shatter-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant high impact acrylic of the highest grade. Because our plates are UV-protected, they won’t fade over time.

When you have designed your show plates

As soon as you have finished designing your plates, we can get to work on bringing them to life. We use pioneering state-of-the-art equipment to meet your specific requirements. When it comes to payment, there are all sorts of modern and traditional methods available to you, and these include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Maestro. Our payment facility is fully encrypted to give you the peace of mind that you are seeking. The show plates that we supply are insured, which means we can easily replace them at no cost to you.

Where can I display show plates?

Show plates enable you to add extra personalisation to your vehicle. They can help you make a powerful statement and are often seen at motoring events across the country. Many people use show plates to add an extra touch of class to their cars, and it’s possible to make your plates completely unique thanks to the vast range of customisations available to you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main uses for show plates.

Big events: Do you regularly find yourself parading your car at big events? If so, show plates could be ideal for your needs, helping you win attention from the right people. Many people acquire show plates when they have entered competitions and wish to impress the judges, not only in the UK but abroad too. They can help your vehicle stand out from others which are otherwise similar, making it truly distinctive.

Brand promotion: Companies from a wide range of industries use show plates to promote their brand, products and services. Many companies and organisations run competitions with cars as the prizes to increase awareness of their products and drive brand engagement. These aren’t just motoring companies – show plates are often found on cars used to promote radio stations, newspapers and various other services.

Decorative purposes: Show plates are often used to add an extra touch of personality and class to environments such as homes and offices. If you’re a lifelong car fan, you can buy show plates and add any wording or colour scheme you like to them. Custom show plates can become a powerful talking point and are great to show off to visitors.

Selling a car: It’s often wise to add show plates when you are selling a car. Show plates can help you get your car looking its best to attract potential buyers. They are sometimes added to cars in showrooms and used by private sellers. Because there are so many cars available on the second-hand market, sometimes it’s essential to do something to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Show plates can help you achieve this and can be the difference between selling your vehicle and it continuing to sit idly on your drive.

Gifts: Many people choose to give show plates as gifts for their loved ones including their friends and family members. It’s easy to customise plates to make them extra special and meaningful for your recipient. Whether your friend or family member is an avid motoring fan or not, a custom show plate can make an excellent gift. Some people even buy bespoke show plates as wedding presents featuring the names of the couples that have just started their new lives together.

Boost the appearance of various vehicles: Show plates aren’t just for cars – they can also be added to vehicles like boats, scooters, quad bikes and motorcycles to give just a few examples. You can add your plates to any vehicle as long as you are not driving it on a public highway or on public land.

What makes our show plates superior to other options on the market?

People opt for our show plates over others for a wide range of reasons. The internet has made it much easier to source high-quality show plates, and what’s more is that we can provide you with show plates for 50% less than you can expect to pay on the high street. One reason why we can sell show plates for less is that our overheads are not as costly. Our online plate maker gives you a valuable, accurate insight into what your plates will look like once they are brought to life. We don’t operate a physical store, which enables us to make substantial savings and pass them onto you in the form of incredibly competitive prices. Some of our competitors have higher overheads, which is why they don’t use the British Standard approved acrylic wo do. However, the cheaper acrylic used by some of our competitors can become brittle and crack easily, fading in the sun in the process.

How can I tell if my existing show plates are made from quality materials?

You can tell whether plates are printed on quality acrylic by looking at the bottom right of the plate. If you see the number BS AU 145 D, this means the acrylic used to manufacture your plate has gone through tough stress and durability testing and meets retro-reflectivity standards. There is no difference in manufacturing quality between the road-legal and show plates we produce. If this number is not present on plates that you have purchased elsewhere, this will probably mean your plate does not conform to the British Standard and is therefore of inferior quality to the ones produced by GB Show Plates.

How do I get in touch with GB Show Plates?

Another reason we are able to keep our prices so low is that we communicate with our clients via e-mail. We run a highly-efficient, automated service and find that the margin for error is much smaller when you design your plates through our online plate maker rather than describing what you are looking for over the phone. E-mail has proved itself to be by far the most effective communication channel available to us and means mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum.

Prompt responses

You can contact us at any time if you do have any queries about the show plates that we manufacture and supply. We endeavour to get back to you as promptly as we possibly can. If your enquiry is about your order, please include your order ID in your message to speed up the process. You will see your order ID in your email order confirmation. If you cannot find this, you can use the item number from PayPal, found in your email receipt.

Show plates of the highest quality

We are confident we can meet your expectations and provide you with the high-quality show plates you require at the right price, so why wait any longer to get started? Design your show plates with our online plate maker right now. To contact GB Show Plates today, send your message to