Sergeant Anthony Rees-Thompson, 40, could be looking at a jail sentence after being accused of fitting new number plates to avoid a speeding fine and three points on his licence. Rees-Thompson denies the allegation that he was caught by a speed camera whilst driving his stepfather’s car at 35mph in a 30mph zone in Swansea. His stepfather was on holiday at the time. The South Wales Police officer of 10 years and father-of-four, insisted there had been some mistake. He was then asked for photographic proof that it was not the same vehicle.

However, Cardiff Crown Court heard that Sgt Rees-Thompson had sent in photographs of his stepfather’s Corsa with new customised registration plates that he had bought online for £21. The new plates had the same registration number as the old but the addition of a blue GB sign and the Welsh flag, making it different to the one caught on the speed camera. It was after this that Rees-Thompson pretended to be his stepfather and wrote to the speed camera unit claiming there had been a technical error or that a similar car must have been using the identical registration number.

The prosecution reminded Rees-Thompson that his car was filmed daily driving into the Bridgend police headquarters. The prosecution then proceeded to show the jury photographs of the silver Vauxhall Corsa with the old number plate as seen by the speed camera and then the new number plate as fitted by Rees-Thompson since the fixed penalty notice.

Prosecutor Meirion Davies said, “He chose to cheat the legal process with a deliberate deception…He fitted different plates and took photographs to deliberately mislead those who were investigating the speeding offence.”

Rees-Thompson had been on his way to buy rugby match tickets when he was caught speeding. He denied perverting the course of justice and claimed he only bought new number plates because he had noticed damage to the old ones. However, it took the jury under an hour to reach a guilty verdict.

Judge David Wynn Morgan has adjourned sentencing until 12 December 2014 and bailed Rees-Thompson giving no indication of the sentence that awaits him.


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