These days the internet is the go to place for motorists looking to get a great deal on a range of car parts and modifications, often components can be bought far cheaper online that they can from a physical store, largely due to the fact that most internet based retailers have far lower overheads than high street stores. There are downsides to buying online though, the most obvious being the fact that you do not get to see the physical goods before part with your hard earned cash.

At GB Showplates we are able to offer top quality number plates at cheap prices because we don't operate a physical store, and therefore have low overheads. These savings are reflected in our prices and passed on to our customers. However, not all cheap number plates are alike. Whilst we use the same British Standard approved acrylic for all our plates, many of our competitors have higher overheads, and so choose to print their showplates on substandard cheap acrylic in order to remain competitively priced. The problem is that this cheap acrylic fades in the sun, becomes brittle and cracks easily.

How Can I Tell If My Plates Are Printed On Quality Acrylic?

Fortunately it is relatively easy to tell if your showplates or road legal number plates are printed on quality acrylic. Look in the bottom right hand corner of the plate, you should see a British Standards number: BS AU 145 D. This tells you that the acrylic your plates are printed on has undergone rigorous stress and durability testing, and conforms to the high standards and retro-reflectivity requirements required for legal road use.

What Should I Do If This Number Is Not Present?

If your plates are show number plates, then unfortunately there is not much you can do. Because showplates are not intended for road use, there is no legal requirement for the manufacturer to use materials that conform to the standards defined in BS AU 145 D.

If your plates were purchased as road legal plates however, it is a legal requirement for them to conform to BS AU 145 D and to display this British Standards number. You should replace your plates immediately since without this information they are technically illegal.